Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 2

Hi everyone,

Second day was rouuughhhh! Felt super tired and all that's on my mind is food..nothing else, just bagels and birthday cake. I'm really hoping this feeling will pass after a few days, even though we have been eating pretty healthy stuff for the last few months my body is craving the baddies.

Grapes, dried fruit, nuts

Salad - spinach, red pepper, carrot, cucumber, mushrooms, split peas
Fruit salad - grapes, strawberries, melon

Raw salmon with spinach, cucumber, celery and red pepper.

Josettes dinner included dried tomatos (eww) minus the salmon!

We had planned to go to the gym after work but I was so sleepy I was in bed by 8:30pm, definitely needed to fill up my 'sleep bank' ! Weighed myself this morning and I had actually lost 2lbs which is pretty exciting and has given me that extra push not to give up yet.

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